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Who is upland point

Assisted Living & Compassionate Care

In addition to our services for assisted living in WI, we provide other programs to meet the needs of our disabled clients. Our Integrity Home Care Solutions provides independent care services for those individuals who are not in need of a dependent residential home setting. Individuals in our supported home care program are encouraged toward independence and community interdependence.

Company Vision

Is to provide the best possible quality of life for seniors and disabled adults in the area.

Our Goal

Is to provide compassionate, quality care that enables seniors to maintain their independence and dignity.

Bernard Bober

Owner & CEO

Benefits Of Working With Us

Where it started

The History

The Growth Of The Company
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Simple 3 Steps Process

Asses You or Your Loved Ones Needs

Give us a Call for a Free consultation to figure out the best fit, location and services you or your loved one needs.

Schedule A Viewing

Visit the fitted facility to see how the facility meets the top standards of care for you or your loved one. Meet the Care team that will work in that facility.

Move In

Set a Move in date that works for you or your loved one. We will do everything in our power to make the move smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Caring at its finest

Our Trained Caregivers

Our trained caregivers are an important part of our company. They are the face of Upland Point and their quality of caregiving services. Each individual caregiver plays an important role in making our multiple locations feel like home.

Portrait of a handsome bearded man smiling looking to the camera with his hands crossed isolated on white background. This person looks like an ordinary guy who is sincere and ready to help everyone who is in trouble.

Caregiver Name

Certified Care Giver

Caregiver Name

Certified Care Giver

Caregiver Name

Certified Care Giver

Caregiver Name

Certified Care Giver

The Best Care Feels Like Home

Let us treat your loved ones like family.
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